Mechanics 101 - Card Drafting

Welcome back to the Mechanics 101.

This article we are going to concentrate on Card Drafting.

Card Drafting is a mechanic where a player must pick cards from a limited subset, such as a common pool or a hand of cards that you pass around, with the intention of assembling cards that are used to meet objectives within the game e.g. score points, place tiles, lay tracks

Drafting is part of many games, and is one of the most overlooked mechanics. Some games that feature Drafting as the main mechanic:

7 Wonders: In 7 Wonders you start with a hand of cards, you pick one card form that hand and then pass your hand to the next person (taking the hand of the person on the other side). The cards are then placed into your area to use for scoring or resources on future turns

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Sushi Go: Much like 7 Wonders, in Sushi Go you select a card and pass your hand. Then, at the same time, you reveal your cards and place them in your area. At the end of each round your score the cards you have in front of you, and then start the drafting process again.

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KingdominoOne of my favourite go-to games! Drafting is used in Kingdomino when you are selecting the tile to place. You have an option of 3-4 tiles (depending on player count) and you have to "draft" the tiles that you want to place in your kingdom.

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Best Treehouse Ever: Best Treehouse Ever has the simplest form of the drafting mechanic. You pick a room card, place it on your treehouse pass your hand to the left, choose your next room. This is a great entry to the drafting mechanic for families and kids as young as 6

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Some other titles that use drafting: 

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