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Great party game

Awesome game for larger groups! Extremely easy to learn and play making it great for parties and because its so easy and team based, most people will enjoy even if they are not huge board game fans

Best party game ever !!

People can't stop raving about Codenames! One of the best party games ever !! Two rival "spymasters" know the secret identities of 25 "agents" (topics), but their teammates only know the agents by their codenames. Both teams then compete to see who can guess all of their agents with one-word clues to get multiple words on the board.


This is a fun, quick game that's easy to play (even Nana likes it). At its simplest level you only need to give a clue for one of the your words, which is usually pretty easy (though it's easy to get tripped up by not thinking about whether it could apply to any of the opponent's words too). The real challenge is trying to connect multiple words together - this can be difficult but it really stretches your thinking. You're usually not sure if your teammates will see things your way, and things can easily go horribly wrong. I think my only problem with the game is that doesn't provide enough incentive for using multiple word clues - I find the kids tend to play pretty safe and use single word clues if they can get away with it, which takes most of the fun out of it in my opinion.

A classic that doesn’t get old

If I have no idea who I’m playing with this game is perfect because it suits everyone. Experienced gamers and newbies alike will really enjoy this super simple but super fun game. Also very playable over camera during lockdown!

Great for anyone!

This is one of those awesome games you can pull out at a gathering and play with people who are “not into games”, or with the best gamers of them all! We have played with the grandparents, and with the kids. When you get a team who “get each other” the game is awesome because they can figure out your cryptic word clues. It makes for a lot of laughs whether you win or lose and isn’t a long drawn out game. One of those Games everyone says “one more round!” Every time.