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Stephen Thomas
An excellent family game from 5-adults

I am always on the lookout for games to play with young kids that are still fun for adults and Kingdomino
ticks all the boxes. Games are fast (~15mins), simple rules, there is some luck and some elements of
strategy but not so complex that adults have an unfair advantage. My 5 year old daughter enjoys playing
and still manages to beat me and her older brother which is awesome.

A classic concept redefined

Kingdomino is such an intuitive and streamlined game, draft tiles, make big areas with as many crowns as possible, score big points. Kingdomino is playable by anyone and this makes it a great game to bridge generations; the concepts are easily accessible enough that it can be played by young primary aged children and the game itself is robust enough that adults will happily play alongside them.

Scott Limond
Absolute Classic!

This game is one of our most regularly played. So easy to learn, quick to set up and sooooooo much fun! Sometimes the simplest of ideas are best!

James Dunning
A modern classic

In this quick variant on dominoes, you're drafting tiles and adding them to your kingdom, making sure the terrain types match. This is a very quick but strategic game. It was our family's go-to game during the lockdowns!

Build the best kingdom !

I wanted a game that was quick , easy to understand & a visual delight. This game delivered on all of these. Don't be fooled by its simplicity and short playtime as there is still an elements of strategy and forward planning involved. Recommended for those who would like a quick and simple game to play with family or friends.