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Linda Kimpton
Excellent game

This is a top-quality game with high-quality art and components, well-suited to all members of the family (especially if they love cats!). I'd read great reviews about it prior to buying, and was definitely not disappointed with the reality of the game itself and the game-play. Definitely recommended :)

Joe Muir
Fantastic game!

Such a fun game.
I’ve played this solo, family mode with my 5yr old, 2 player with my partner and everyone has loved it.

Easy to teach, easy to learn and each game is just a little different.

High quality components.
A large box for future content.

Nikki Trowbridge
Brilliant game!

This game is amazing. With elements of so many good games - card drafting (pick a card, pass them to the next person), economy (to spend or save Those fish?), tile laying (got to cover those rats and fill that room), private and public scoring opportunities- so much to do and so much fun! Simple enough to learn that my 9yr old can play, this game is often requested at the table!

Quite possibly a PERFECT game

If I could give six stars, I would do it here. This is a fantastic game, that seemingly effortlessly combines several mechanics into one slick package. Card drafting, turn order change, polyomino laying, resource management, side missions ... it's all in there.

And yet it's easy to pick up, with a very clear rulebook (with some nice story text), and effective reminders on the playing boards. (Some of these could have been colour-coded better... But that's a minor gripe.)

But the depth is huge. Every game is remarkably different, depending on what missions ('lessons') you end up with. They shape your game hugely, which is just great.

Components are very nice, from the sturdy box to the little wooden cats to the luxurious cards to the linen polyomino bag. Artwork is nice, but doesn't get in the way. I recommend baggies to separate the 'family mode' cards and the 'solo play' cards from the regular play ones. (Solo mode looks really good, but I haven't played it yet...)

Sure the commodity you are 'rescuing' could be anything. Coloured gems, seashells, whatever. But it's CATS, and that is a very clever move. Everyone I introduce to this game LOVES it. A must-have.