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Aris Lossie
Never gets old

This has been one of my favourite games for quite a while. It has the right balance between complexity and duration which makes it a good game to pick up and play a couple of rounds. With the option of using different expansions you can add to the complexity, which ensures that the game keeps being diverse.

S J Jones
Favorite 90s Classic

Cannot recommend Carcassonne enough. The most zen and satisfying game. Like doing a jigsaw for points, if the jigsaw were a different medieval French countryside every time. A perfect balance between collaborative (you're constructing this countryside together...) and competitive (...but you end up admiring the finished landarks that the other players complete). It has become the game that my wife and I play to chill almost every Sunday afternoon. The 90s gaming renaissence classic I most recommend.

Expansions 1 and 8 are also recommended... when the time is right.

Rebekah Kyle
A game you can play again and again

This is one of our most played games, simply because it is super easy for set up and with 2 people you can play a game in under 20 minutes. Hubby and I have regular 'coffee and carcassonne' mornings and sometimes even sneak in a quick game before work :D very fun and very competitive while not being too much of a chore for set up is always a big plus!

Nikki Trowbridge
Great game!

This is a wonderful game! It’s a joy to play, building Up a common landscape as a family, but each of us claiming little parts of our empire as we play! We really like this one, and it’s often played by all ages.

A Classic - & for good reason!

Carcassonne is a euro-style tile laying game where you build up a countryside full of cities, fields and roads. Simple enough: lay a tile to expand your features, claim ownership of a newly placed feature with a coloured ‘meeple’, score points when you complete a feature.

The basic gameplay, though, soon gives way to learning how to not only maximise your score, but also how to block others from scoring. Things can get nasty, and fast!

Simplified rules (eg no fields) can keep things easier, and the abundant expansions offer excellent variation if things get stale. (100% recommend the Inns & Cathedrals expansion, even from the start.)

Carcassonne will almost invariably feature in any Top Five tabletop games list. And rightly so. It’s easy to learn, devilishly competitive when you get into it and just all around great fun. A must for every games shelf..!