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Picked up on a whim

My youngest saw this sitting on a shelf and begged me to buy a copy, the illustrations were enough to grab her interest and I figured why not... This has become one of my youngests favourite card games and we have played it several times, as well as picked up the numerous expansions.
Gameplay itself isn't complicated and isn't too dissimilar to other games, but the illustrations are fun and the kids have a blast popping the exploding kitten back in the deck to try and catch me out.

A brilliantly fun group game

I've played this in a variety of groups, and it's always a winner! A good evening starter or gap filler, or just to chuck in the bag in case the chance comes up to play.

Fast-paced and you're always in the game ... until BOOM and you're not! But the games are pretty short, so everyone's back in soon enough.

Great artwork, if you have a chance to stop and check it out. Plenty of expansions on offer as well, to keep the kitten fun going!

So much fun!

This game is hilarious! From the fun artwork that makes you giggle, to the confident playing when you know you can diffuse an explosion, to the tense game when you know any card could well be your last creates a great fun family game! Once your out for the round, it’s not long before you can join back in for the next. Because one round of exploding kittens is NEVER enough!

No one is wanting those kittens to explode, have fun trying to stop them!

I loved Oatmeal online comics for years so jumped on this as soon as it came out and was not disappointed. Behind the great artwork and fun concept is some great game mechanics which makes this very enjoyable to play with kids and adults. My mum even asked for it for Christmas.

Felines Exploding - Awesome!

I love the simple game-play of this card game. Despite the implied violence, the death and mayhem is more directed at the players rather than the kittens. I can think of much more dfeline-phobic games. The play is simple (but keep the rule booklet handy just in case), and the game works well with even two players (not always the case!).

I love this game and it has enough strategic thinking to keep you coming back for more. This is one of my favorites.