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Keaton Pronk
A high quality title

A phenomenal game with amazing components, even the rule book paper feels amazing. The game has excellent art that is very unique and good game play that is easy to pick up and teach. The box even tells you how to repack everything to fit it all in. The production quality of this game is on another level. Highly recommended and I have yet to introduce it to anyone who doesn't enjoy it.

Mareli Ferreira
Great Fun!

This is an amazing strategy game that is very easy to learn. There are various ways that you can gather victory points, and with having both personal and "end of round" goals to work towards, every game plays slightly differently. So it never feels overly repetitive. While its incredibly fun playing in a group setting, with everybody developing their own strategies of gameplay, the solo mode of this game is awesome. The AI perfectly simulates regular gameplay, so I've found its a perfect way to practice and learn new tricks/strategies. Plus it makes for a very relaxing way to pass time.

A Bird for Yourself, is worth Two on the Shelf

Wingspan's recommendation is pretty self explanatory. Do you like birds? Do you want to play a game where you build a tableau of birds? Welp here you go, a really strong tableau builder, with great components, and a whole lot of birds to admire and enjoy. The whole package is just made that little bit extra good by attention to small details: the components (as mentioned previously) are luxury including the rulebook (which I am convinced started the linen-finish rulebook trend), all of the bird cards have a snippet of accurate educational information on them, and the box has a guide for repacking the thing stuck right on to the side (brilliant!). One more thing to note if anyone ever reads this review, if you own this game do yourself a favour and download the Wingsong app, it's an app which lets you hover your phone over each bird card and it will play that birds real life song or call, it's marvelous.

Linda Kimpton
One of our family favourites

This game is fantastic! We enjoy it so much we got all the expansions too - they're fantastic as well and add an extra layer to game-play and replayability (though both are already excellent with this base game too). Great quality components, fun and varied game-play with plenty of strategy involved, and definitely one of our family favourites. Strongly recommended :)

Rebekah Kyle
Well thought out strategy game

This has become one of our flat favourites! It is a great strategy game that doesn't take too long to learn and I love the beautiful artwork for the birds and how well designed all the pieces are. Each game is very different in how you play and the strategy used depending and cards you pick up, the bonus card dealt and round objectives which means you can play again and again without getting bored