Important Info:

To be the player whose 5x5 Kingdom earns the most points.

How to Score Points:
Points are scored for each group of like tiles multiplied by the crowns printed on the group.

End of the Game: 
The game ends when you run out of tiles 


Player Setup:

In their chosen colour - 1 x Castle, 1 x Base Tile, 1 x Meeples (2 x Meeple in a 2-player game).


Game Setup:
Shuffle the tiles (all tiles for 4-player, 36 tiles for 3-player, 24 tiles for 2-player) and put 4 tiles on the table in a vertical line in ascending number order (fig 1.1). The turn the tiles faceup (fig 1.2)

Choose first player (any method you like), and in clockwise order place your meeple on a tile (there may only be one meeple per tile). In a 2-player game each player will choose 2 tiles.


Each round you will be placing your selected tile into your kingdom and selecting your tile for the next round. 

Start of the round:
Layout a second line of tiles facedown, in numeric order next to the current line of tiles. Then turn the tiles faceup, these tiles are going to be the tiles that you can place your meeple on during your turn.

Turn order: 
Turn order is from the top (lowest numbered tile) to the bottom. If you selected the top card in the last round (or at the start of the game) you are the first player for this round.

On your turn: 
Take the tile that you have selected in the previous round (or at the start of the game) and add it to your kingdom. 

When placing tiles you must follow the following rules:

  1. Your kingdom must not exceed a 5x5 grid
  2. The tile you are placing must match terrain with at least on of the squares touching it (horizontially or vertically, see below)
  3. The starting tile is wild, any terrain can connect to it
  4. Once a tile is placed it must not be moved
  5. If you can legally place a tile, you must
  6. If you cannot legally place a tile it is discarded.

After adding your tile to your kingdom, then select one of the newly revealed tiles to place your meeple on. This will be the tile that you place next round. 

End of the Game:

The game ends when the last tile has either been placed into a kingdom, or discarded. 

Each group of matching tiles is multiplied by the number of crowns in the group. A group is a set of squares of the same teritory connected horizontally or vertically. You may have more than one group of the same teritroy type, these are scored individually. 

If a group does not have a crown, it scores 0.