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James Dunning
A former classic

When I first encountered Catan, I was blown away by it. But now, years later, there's a lot of competition for introductory board games and I don't think Catan holds up that well. With no catch-up mechanics, any player who falls behind will stay behind, and a player who gets an early lead will likely win. You can have turns or even rounds pass with nothing or very little happening on them. Groundbreaking when it came out, but today, I'd look elsewhere.

Raewyn Hooper

Apparently this is a classic, and it's easy to see why. It's such an engrossing game. It's very interactive because you are often trading resources with other players to try to get the ones you need to expand your empire. You know it's a good game when you find yourself awake late at night analysing the game in your head and working out your strategy for the next one!

The absolute classic must-have

Catan will inevitably be on EVERY top games list. Always. And rightly so, it’s a classic. Claim land, gather resources, build roads & settlements, get more resources, grow, grow, grow and DOMINATE! Oh and don’t get robbed.

Fairly easy to learn, but with a few intricacies that can be tricky to start off with.

Can be played with 2 players, but some of the mechanics can go a bit wonky. Still a good time though. But best with 3+, for maximum trading, revenge-robber-placement and general getting in the way.

Do you need any of the variations or expansions? Probably not. But if you don’t have it already, YOU NEED CATAN.

Mark Kaneko
I still play this more than any other board game

A great strategy game of resource collection, I've introduced this game to so many people over the years, many of whom have never played board games before. This has become a staple for after dinner parties. There's plenty of variants and expansions you can buy but after several years I'm still happy to play the original. Everyone should have this game.