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A delightfully pleasant game

An absolutely delightful game. Turn things into other things and use certain combinations of those things to score points.

I really dig this game, it's light enough that you can have a really good conversation without your mind being bogged down but there's still enough going on to remain engaged and turns flow so quickly and seamlessly.

Nikki Trowbridge
I love the gems!

I was introduced to this game and went and brought my own copy within the week! It’s such a beautiful game, and the Gems are amazing. The concept is easy to learn but harder to master, making it another great family game for all ages and “gateway” game to other games like it. Well worth adding to your collection.

Just a Nice Game

"Century: Golem Edition" brings a kabbalah feel to the original "Century: Spice Road". The game play is the same as players compete and try to acquire golems of varying value and expense by saving up and converting different crystals.

The components are great and the use of crystals adds a tactile and pleasing element to the game. The cards are very well made and everything just feels and looks nice. The artwork of the golems is especially appealing and the creativity behind them is excellent.

The game is simple enough for a beginner to get playing in minutes and the strategy complex enough to keep you coming back for more. I know of a couple of people who played it once and then went out to buy it. This is a great game and it is one of my favourites.