Day at the Festival Puzzle\Game - 1000 pieces

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Pieces: 1000
Size: 493mm x 688mm
Maker: Big Potato Games


Day at the Festival with over 100 hidden bands and artists to find while you build the puzzle.......can you do it?
Everyone loves a jigsaw. Trouble is, once it's built, the challenge is over. Until now! In Day at the Festival, we've gone straight to the main stage and filled it with a whopping 101 riddles for you to find while you build. Here's an example.... a picture of a loaf made of meat.....Meat + Loaf...which band is it?
Armed with a handy checklist to tick off as you go, your job is to build the puzzle, rack down the riddles and figure out the hidden band behind each one. Think you can find them all? 101 Bands to find, 1000 puzzle pieces, and 1 checklist to jot down your answers.


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