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Hands down the best party game ever !!

This game is the one that scales well for larger groups (15 players !!). Highly interactive and can make people laugh and think like an investigator at the same time. Making up stories of a crime scene and trying to find the Murder is fun with a good amount of variation in each gameplay.
This game manages to fill the gaps and introduce additional mechanics that other social deduction games lack.

Lots of laughs!

This is one of the most fun social deduction games we have seen, and we can play it with 3 generations with no trouble at all as it’s so simple to teach and play. Making up stories on how the clues relate to a murder makes everyone laugh, and the murderer gets to join in with their own stories! I just wish the investigator clue options were a little more related to helping solve the cases- sometimes they are no help at all but they do make for good story weaving! My kids love this one.

One of the Finest Social Deduction Games

One of the best social deduction games I have had the pleasure of playing.

Bluffing feels very intuitive in Deception as you can use logic to defer or infer motive rather than a bold face lie or effectively, social currency and how a person feels about you, or if they construe something as guilt or innocence.

There is some slight translation issues, particularly in event cards that appear to be direct translation so they aren't as natural to work with. It feels like the game could have benefited from the direct translation being given a more westernised context. This is a minor quibble but it can make being the Forensic Scientist a little hard at times for all the wrong reasons, i.e. fighting with language, not reason.