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Mel Smith
Great fun

Great game with a variety of different game lengths depending on how long you want to be creating your dinosaur park. The short version does seem to end rather quickly so if you really want to get stuck in best to go for the medium or long versions. We really like the ability to complete actions at the same time meaning less sitting around waiting for other people to take their turn and the game progresses a lot faster. It’s simple but has depth to it and definitely a lot of replay ability. Will definitely be playing more to try get better strategies to get the most points. Would also highly recommend the folded space for this game. Makes clean up and set up so much faster!

Dinosaurs !! 🦕 🦖

I’ve been super excited to try this game. We absolutely love playing this game as we get to manage our own park by creating dinos, upgrading labs & attracting more visitors to the park. Each phase of the game is important and feels engaging. I have also tried the solo mode which is quite good !! There is a lot of stuff packed in this vibrant box and everything is of high quality. I recommend to upgrade the insert and learn how play on your tube.

Great game

Loved this game, loved the theme too. I found the instructions a bit ‘unfriendly’ but once you break the game into the phases it all starts to make sense. Loved being able to pick game length by objectives.

Nikki Trowbridge
A huge game!

I was tentative about getting this game as it’s massive to look at on the table and therefore I thought might put the family off but the theme drew them in and once we learnt the mechanics (which if you break it down into 4 mini game parts isn’t too tricky actually) we really enjoyed this one! It is a meaty game which will take time but it’s so worth it!!

Sarah Wiklund
Heaps of Fun

A great game that takes a looonnggg time, be prepared, lots of game elements but really enjoyable - recommend!