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Joy in a box

Everdell is my favourite game in equal parts because of theme, my nostalgia for it, and the gameplay. Don't let the cute critters on the cover fool you, this game has a lot of engaging decisions and depth of strategy to be uncovered. The art reels you in but once you get going with it you find a lot of joy to be had in the mechanisms of finding the right pairings of cards, timing when to prepare for seasons, and making the most of limited workers you have to place on the board. Adding in an expansion like Belfaire or Spirecrest notch it up to that next level of fun, beauty, and depth. Everdell is just great.

Soenke Stern
Amazing game, outstanding artwork

Truly love this game! The gameplay is really nice, and the deckbuilding aspect works really well, especially because of so many different ways to combine the cards. All the cards are just beautiful, adding so much to the experience! The tree is a bit useless admittingly, but it's just so pretty that I never really cared about that. One of my favourite games out there!

The theme, the art, the components, the tree...everything!

Managed to grab a copy at a good price from Hobby Games.

A fun worker placement that focuses on playing cards into your city. It will take a couple of games to explore the full potential of this game.

If you like wingsapn you will like this too.

Lin Chua
Our favourite game this year

We really enjoy this game. The art is so beautiful and the card combos and engine building keeps you thinking between the games- how do I optimise my moves to get the resources I need to play the cards into my tableau. And like other worker placement games, you always need one more worker more than you've got. At mealtimes, my kids have Everdell-related conversations about their favourite Blue Governance cards or who their favourite Critter is- I mean, how often does that happen?? We've introduced this to a few other families and they've gone on to get their own copies and I field Everdell questions on the phone from them. I mention all this just to say that if you like this sort of game, you end up loving and obsessing about the game.

A smash-hit in our house

I decided to buy this game after seeing a while bunch of photos of it on Instagram showcasing the gorgeous artwork. The artwork and component quality is outstanding! In addition the gameplay is heaps of fun. It's not a serious brain-burner, yet there is a wealth of neat card interactions that really amazed me. Mechanically you're trying to use your actions as efficiently as possible to score the most points by the end of the game. In the first round you'll feel like you can accomplish very little, but by round four you'll amaze yourself with how many actions and abilities you have at your disposal. The rate at which your 'engine' builds is incredible. Thematically there is a wealth of interesting characters and constructions to discover, and I love how well thought out the card abilities are since they match the theme so well. It's an easy game to learn and to teach, particularly for people familiar with modern game concepts like worker placement and resource management. Believe the hype, this game is wonderful!