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Tae Lee
The best!

The quality is spot on, and it definitely helps with making the gaming table look tidier ;)

Missys Table

I already purchased one of these in a different colour way but wanted another for when we play dice rolling games for the table. I use them for D&D as well. The quality is awesome, yhey pack down easily for easy storing. And a great price,good range of colours to choose from. A absolute essential for all gamers.

A 100% critical accessory!

A dice tray is genuinely an essential accessory. Once you have one, you'll wonder what you did without it! It protects your table, keeps the dice from knocking stuff around the board and can be handed around the table for people to roll as well. And, as has been noted, makes a dice roll sound great!

The range of colours is really nice, and quality of build seems good. Although I don't 'undo' mine to lay it flat, so the wear and tear usage is pretty low for me.

Seriously, if you play ANY dice chuckers, one of these needs to be on your table.

Rico Pulley-Akavi
only place in NZ

After checking 4 of the biggest hobby stores around Auckland this store is the only place who stock this product.

These are amazing, 10/10 recommend.

Dave Vaughan
I didn't know how much I needed this.

Honestly, it changes the sometimes nasty, harsh and sometimes even damaging ( fortress america plastic dice on my parents dining table when i was 10, left golfball like dimples after an evening play, through a tablecloth...) sound of ANY dice into something like playing DnD on a billard table. Its like an ASMR junkie's fix.

Only problem is I now want more of them.

I also didn't realise when I first got it that it folds completely flat, I'd assumed the domes were only decorative. ( bought in the shop, where there was no info telling me they did this) :)