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Players: 2 - 10 players
Age: 3+
Time: 15 minutes


Hide 'N Squeak (also known as Where's Squeak) is an interactive toy for preschoolers. One child hides the adorable mouse which makes little sounds, very low at first then a little louder to help the other children find her.

Can you find Squeaky the Mouse? One player hides her, and the rest of the players must find her! If you listen closely, you can hear her laughing and giggling louder and louder! Once you find the silly little mouse, return her back to her Cheese Box so she can finish her meal!

Kids love hide & seek games, along with clues of getting hotter or colder... this toy replaces the clues with a sound effect, allowing children to play independently and learn how to pay attention to their surroundings. We made sure the little mouse was a cute toy too!


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