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Hive is perfect for carrying it while you are traveling

Hive is one of the most portable games around, it has no dice, no cards, no board, it is just those 22 near indestructible tiles.

Plays like chess but a lighter version.

You can sling it in a bag, take it to the beach, play on a small table in a coffee shop. The pocket version plays on the tray table of a plane and is perfect for anyone travelling light.

Probably my favourite game

This game is amazing. There are so many different strategies you can try and yet it is very easy to learn what all the pieces do. It is well presented and I love the fact that you don't need a board. I often take it to cafes, pubs or out to dinner as it's super portable and also easy to clean if you get food etc on it.

Small footprint and lots of Fun

This is the kind of game we can take to a cafe, the beach, or play as I’m waiting for the spuds to cook for tea! It’s my 13yr olds favourite. It’s simple to learn but there is strategy to winning. Nice and quick!