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5 star experience 3 times a day at the table

You know the game is a hit before the kids ask to play right as they get in the door from school! This has been nothing but true for Ice Cool since we first got it to the table. As a game that you can throw a few tactics into here and there to mix up the game, I find it hard to resist any inkling of interest to get it to the table.
A little suggestion though, if you're playing with varied player counts for the first time, DO skip the rulebook and give the Dized app a go! Dized makes not only learning the rules a breeze but also playing the game fun for everyone when you're just starting out.

Cute little game

My children love this game, it is easy to understand what to do and how to win but a lot depends on luck. I find that getting the penguin through the doorways can be a bit tricky but that adds to the game as it gives the children a lot longer to try and "catch Mum" or get the fish first. I love how the game gets put away, a box inside a box so there is not a lot of packaging and waste.

My 9yr olds favourite!

Ask my son which game to play and he will almost always ask for ice cool! This is a fun little flicking game which feels to me like playing a game of pool with my fingers as the cue!