Iron Clays - 200 Set

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This set of 200 chips is designed to suit heavy games, all euro-style games, and Poker games of up to 5 players.

These Iron Clays come in a sturdy, foil stamped, embossed magnetically sealed box. Within the box, the clays are stored in a stackable plastic tray, allowing them to reside on your game table accessible to you and your opponents.

An Iron Clay is 64% limestone and other clay minerals, 24% synthetic compounds for strength and sound dampening, and 12% iron core for weight and awesomeness.

200 Iron Clays
  ‣ 40 1-Value
  ‣ 40 5-Value
  ‣ 20 10-Value
  ‣ 40 20-Value
  ‣ 20 50-Value
  ‣ 20 100-Value
  ‣ 20 500-Value
2 Plastic Storage Trays with Lids
1 Storage Box with Magnetic Seal

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