Llamas in Pyjamas

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Players: 2 - 4 players
Age: 3+
Time: 20 minutes


2nd Edition Travel-Sized Mini-Games - Perfect for Fun at Home and Away Smaller than any of our other games, these economical travel-sized mini-games are perfect for fun and learning both at home and away.

In Llamas in Pyjamas, players take turns to take a card from the pile and try to match llama pyjama tops with pyjama bottoms. Collect more pyjama bottoms, match a pyjama top to existing pyjama bottoms, and complete as many llamas as possible before all of the “bedtime scene” cards are revealed.

Watch out for those “a-llama clock” cards which can send half of a completed llama to the discard pile.

The winner is the player with the greatest number of complete llamas at bedtime.

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