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A great filler

Love Letter is a great little ice-breaker, something to fill in a quick bit of time, and a great game that is accessible to everyone. On your turn you draw a card, you play one of your two cards and do what it says... try not to discard the Princess... I'm not kidding here, you now know how to play Love Letter, 90%+ of the rules are on the cards. Despite the shallow learning curve there are such satisfying plays, it can be lucky, it can be swingy, but there is strategy to it. This is the kind of game for as small as it is in stature has wonderful stand-up moments, cheering, friendly smack-talking, and generally leaves everyone in a good mood.

We went so quickly from “don’t know how” to surprisingly raucous fun

It’s just so easy to play and so much fun. This game takes 2 minutes to learn and then only 15 minutes to play. It’s really fun and comes in a tiny package which is perfect (but not exclusively) for traveling. There is great attention to detail in the design, using quality materials and it’s also nice to note the cards have stayed away from typical racial stereotypes associated with the theme.

Nikki Trowbridge
Short and sweet

This is the game that my 8yr old wants to play constantly at the moment! And it’s not hard to say yes to him because it is so much fun. It’s easy to learn and easy to play but I can’t say it’s easy to win because I hardly ever do! I’m almost always caught with a high card I’ve been hoarding and thus eliminated! It’s A lot of laughs playing this one. We play with all 5 of us by having the winner sit out the next round - it’s just as much fun To watch and each round is over quickly. Great end of night game!