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Players: 1 - 6 players
Age: 7+
Time: 10 minutes


Möbi - The Numerical Tile Game in a Whale Pouch! Mobi is a fun, fast-paced tile game that helps kids (and grown-ups) learn and apply basic math skills. Play numbered tiles and symbols to create simple equations. Use all of your numbered tiles first, and you win! Packs away in an adorable blue whale bag, and it's ready to play on any flat surface.


Quick Rules!

Empty all tiles onto a flat playing surface.
Separate the blue tiles from the white tiles.

All the blue tiles are numbers.

All the white tiles are operations.

Mix up all the blue tiles, take 7 number tiles each . . . . say “GO!” . . . and you have a game on your hands!

The point of the game is to use up all your blue tiles by connecting them with mathematical equations in a crossword-style grid.

This is called a “POD”. When you run out of blue tiles, say “FLIP” and pick up THREE more tiles from the centre and make everyone else do the same . . . . whether they are ready to or not!

Keep this up until the blue tiles run out.

Can’t use one of your blue tiles?

Just say “SWAP” and switch that blue tile for two new tiles.

First player to connect all of his/her blue tiles shouts “MÖBI” and is the winner!

It’s as simple as that!

Grab a few friends, find a flat surface and you’re set!

Introduce your little ones to numbers or challenge your best friend numerical combat.

This game is made for absolutely everyone!

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