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Mouse Trap - Classic Edition

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Players: 2 - 4
Age: 6+
Time: 30 minutes


"The crazy game with 3 all action contraptions"

Clearly distinguished from the 1963 game of the same name, by the tag 'exciting NEW game play and easier set up', this is in fact an entirely new game, despite sharing title, theme, design and publisher with the original Mouse Trap.

In 'New' Mouse Trap, 2-4 players race round a track collecting wedges of cheese from 3 traps (constructed during set-up but very much rendered in the Heath-Robinson/Rube Goldberg style of the the original).

Whenever cheese is collected from a trap, or at certain other times, the toilet in the center is flushed. This releases a ball which will trigger one of the three traps at random. Trapped mice lose a wedge of cheese. The first player to gather 8 wedges (a full circle) is the winner.

Given time this new game may become as much of a kids favorite as the original.

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