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Brace for impact!

Pandemic is a game that rewards over-analysis and collaborative thinking as you need to get things done, you need to get them done quickly, and you need to get them efficiently because if you allow small problems to snowball, the virulent pathogens hitting the fan hit pretty quickly, and hard. Team-work is a must; find symbiotic relationships between the different roles to play most effectively as even then it won't be an easy, nor guaranteed win.

Pandemic is good value for money.

A co-op game where you'll need to move fast or be overwhelmed.

Everyone's got a skill that may just turn the tide if used correctly (the Medic can remove all infections from a location at once, for instance), so good communication spells the difference between winning and losing. That's what makes Pandemic one of the best cooperative board games around; you succeed or fail together, and it won't be down to luck.

Besides being playable in a group or as a board game for 2 players has got a high replayability.

Trudy M
Fantastic, clever concept (even realistic) of viruses causing pandemics

I think this is one of my all-time favourite games.
It is so easy for a virus to spread, but one thing about the game is that even playing a standard game, there quite a reasonable possibility that you wont stop the pandemic - which seems realistic, but I'm never happy losing! On the flip side, I really do enjoy getting on top of the Pandemic, and feel highly satisfied when we nail it.
You have to work really well together and go through the options trying to come up with the best move you can make at the time. I don't think it suits players that just want to do their own thing, or maybe it is just me - I like to have input, and have a good plan.

Great game!!

It has help the kids to understand why we do a lockdown and how the viruses spreads. They have also enjoyed that there is not a single winner and we all collaborate to save the humanity.

Raewyn Hooper
Life imitates boardgame

You really feel like you are trying to save the world in this immersive co-operative game (especially recently). The set up can be a bit tricky at first - it pays to read through the rule book carefully. We have been tripped up by not playing things quite correctly a few times. It's amazing how authentic it feels once you get going. The pandemic builds up slowly then starts to accelerate, you are trying to treat the disease while at the same time coordinating with the other players to find a cure to save the world and just when you think things are going well they can take a sudden turn for the worse. It requires quite a bit of strategic thinking, and is truly co-operative. We always play with open hands and make group decisions on what each player should do and often play with a dummy player so we can get an extra role (four players seem to have a better chance of winning and we hate it when we lose!)