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Pleasant and Enjoyable

The game is simple, you have two hikers that walk down a one-way path and collect/convert resources using the actions of the various trail sites; those resources are traded in to score points by fulfilling objective cards, getting new gear that helps along the way, and taking pictures. On your turn you can advance one of your hikers any number of spaces and cannot stop on a space with another hiker... with that said, you basically know how to play Parks! The really good thing with Parks is the sites that make up the trail and their order are on tiles that are shuffled together and randomly assembled each round to give a 'new' trail, this prevents the game from becoming stagnant or the creation of formulaic strategies.

An absolutely gorgeous production, both in terms of artworks and components. Pleasant and enjoyable could be taken as a "it's fine" but it's really not, this is a well-designed, smooth playing game that is pleasant, and sometimes that's what you need. This game is a positively inviting experience from seeing the box and all throughout playing it; I would never turn down a game of Parks!

S J Jones
Believe the hype

I was halfway through my first game of Parks when I looked up from the table to the other 3 players and announced that I was "having feelings about this game".

I had a long list of unplayed games I'd prepared to test at Wellycon where time is at a premium, and Parks was SO GOOD that I insisted that I shoehorn a teach into the ... even though I had immediately bought it and could play as soon as I got home.

It's been an instant hit with everyone I've shown, many people picking up their own copies immediately.

The art and theming are a significant part of it (stained resources, breatchtaking art assets), but the game is just as compelling. It came along just in time for my foray into worker placement - and the way the track mechanism simulates the set-your-own-pace approach to hiking.... it's magic. I'll never not play it.

Looking forward to cracking open the Nightfall expansion.

Chieh Hicks
A cure for your travel withdrawals

This game is like a leisurely stroll through the various US National Parks. The rules aren't overly complicated and it is relatively low-conflict as there are other ways to gain resources if a particular trail is taken. The components are well-produced (I especially love the wild animal tokens that count as wild resources - clever!) and the artwork is gorgeous. Highly recommend if you feeling nostalgic scrolling through your old travel Instagram posts.