River Wild + Wildscapes Expansion

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Players: 2 - 6 players
Age: 10+
Time: 20 minutes


Every year in the realm of Wild, the first snow of the season brings new life to the land and the creatures who inhabit it. High atop the tallest peaks, the sun beats down on this fresh blanket of white, creating a rushing river that floods the magical valleys below.

In River Wild, you must carve out the most harmonious land possible, plotting the river's course to create protected valleys for local wildlife to thrive. A protected valley is defined as a valley completely surrounded by river or mountains with no card gaps.

Each turn, select one of the three river cards on display and add it to your land to extend your river. All cards must be played below the source card so that your river extends "downstream" (toward you). When choosing a card, you may look at and play either side of a card. Refill the display, then choose again, continuing play until all cards have been added to your land or until you are unable to play any more cards.

Unprotected valleys don't score, and protected valleys score based on the wildlife (dragons, jackalopes, toads, and unicorns) and scoring goals contained within it. Make matches to score as many points as possible.


River Wild Wildscapes Expansion:

The land of Wild is full of surprises–new shores to explore, new relics to unearth, and new wonders to discover. With the Wildscapes expansion, you will unlock a new card each time you create a protected valley. How far will your river flow?

This 6-card expansion adds new locations which can drastically reshape your landscape. These cards are not shuffled into the deck; instead, whenever a valley is created, one of the expansion cards is added to the selection row, acting as a normal card for the purposes of selection and placement.

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