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Star Realms Cosmic Gambit Set

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Players: 2 - 6
Age: 12+
Time: 20 minutes


Gambit cards are dealt face down to players at the beginning of the game. You choose each number of Gambits every player will get, or you can give fewer Gambit cards to some players as a handicap. The extra (unclaimed) cards are set aside outside of the game in a face down pile. Players keep their Gambit cards face down in front of them until they choose to reveal them. Gambit cards never go into the trade deck, your hand, or your personal deck. They have silver borders to make it easier to keep them separate from your other cards.

Players may reveal Gambits at the start of the game or during their main phase. To reveal a Gambit, turn it face up. When a Gambit is revealed, you get powerful one-time or continuous abilities that can help lead you to victory.

This pack contains:

1 Rules Card
1 Secret Outpost Base Card
13 Gambit Cards: 1 Acceptable Losses, 2 Asteroid Mining, 1 Blackmarket, 2 Exploration, 1 Hidden Base, 2 Rapid Deployment, 1 Triumphant Return, 1 Two-Pronged Attack, 1 Veteran Pilots, 1 Wild Gambit

Expansion to Star Realms game

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