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Just remember not to hit too hard...

I got this on a whim after seeing a short video of a family playing it. The concept is nice and simple but the first few games might take a little to hit perfection while you attempt to remember what the three special cards do (my friend kept hitting the table when she was meant to be being a gorilla). I had lots of fun but need to remember that there is no need to hit myself quite so hard when beating my chest... My middle child joined in for a couple of hands, I didn't implement any penalties with them yet as they struggled getting into the rhythm of the Toca, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza, but this didn't detract from the game. I can see this will be played again by all the kids.

So silly but that’s the fun of it!

Oh my goodness this game is a laugh! We got this on hobby games recommendation and it couldn’t have gone over better with the kids. They have played it every day for hours since we got it, and introduced friends to it on New Year’s Eve! Reflexes will be challenged in this fast game!


This game is hilarious. The rules are ultra simple - take turns to put cards down and each player says Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza in turn. If the card played matches the word that was said everyone has to slap their hand down (just like snap). The last player takes all the cards. If you get a gorilla, narwhal or groundhog you have to complete the right action before slapping your hand. Any hesitations, misspoken words or flinches are also penalised. A warning that this game can cause arguments as well as pain and injuries (these seem to be the main source of the hilarity in my family). I don't remember snap ever being this violent! I recommend everyone removes their rings and cuts their finger nails before playing.