The Chase UK Board Game

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Players: 3 - 6 players
Age: 10+
Time: 90 minutes


In this family board game, players must stay one step ahead of the Chaser, ruthless and brilliant quiz geniuses determined to stop you all costs. Begin by starting the electronic timer and answering a minute's worth of quick fire questions to build up to £50,000 in the Cash Builder round. Now it's time for each contestant to face and go head to head with one of the four Chasers.

Will you compete against The Beast, The Destroyer, The Governess or The Sinnerman? If players answer questions correctly they can move one step away towards safety, but a Chaser answering correctly moves one step closer to catching you. If the Chasers catches the contestant, they lose their chase.

The player who successfully evades capture with the most amount of money makes it through to the Final Chase, a nerve racking question round to win the banked cash......but only if they can escape The Chaser's relentless advance.

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