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Trick-taking turned on its head

If you've played games like 500, Euchre, or Hearts, then you're familiar with trick-taking games, they tend to be fairly competitive, but now take that concept, make it cooperative and it changes EVERYTHING. In each mission certain players will be assigned cards they will have to win during the trick that they are played, later on stipulations will be added, they have to be won in a certain order, things like that. As someone who grew up playing a lot of 500 with my Dad, this melts my brain as I have to try and unlearn how to play a winning game, and yet, I love it. Fantastic game!

James Dunning
Great game

In this fast, abstract cooperative game, you are trying to win tricks. You will have certain criteria about who must win which cards in tricks, and in which order, and must work together with limited information to solve the puzzle. We had a lot of fun playing this. There was a good range of different levels, and the difficulty ramped up slowly but steadily throughout the campaign. Recommended for lovers of logic puzzles.

Going back to family card games

Crew is a co-op trick-taking card game with a ton of variety.

All players work together to ensure the given tasks for each mission are completed successfully by the group.

There’s a lot more depth to the game than what we thought. And we’re hooked!

Nice quick cooperative game

This game is a corporative game but it plays quick with several scenarios. Great group game for sure. Highly recommend it!