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Players: 2
Age: 8+


A unique puzzle concept! Best played with 2 players and lending itself to repeated analysis - this is an absolute cracker.

Players mutually choose who will be the Virus and who will be the Cure.  The Virus and Cure are placed on the green and white nodes on the gameboard respectively.  You are ready to play!

The Cure always starts and moves one step in any direction along a connector from one node to another.  Then the Virus makes a move - one step in any direction.  The players take turns to move one step at a time from node to node but only along a connector.  On its turn, the Cure can move onto the same node that the virus is sitting on, the Cure has captured the Virus and Wins!

It can be tricky, seemingly impossible.  The Cure will always catch the Virus But the Virus is always one step ahead of the Cure.  The Cure must learn how to track down and eliminate the Virus.  It Can be done, can you solve it in 20mins?

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