The Genius Square

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Players: 1 - 2 players
Age: 6+
Time: 10+ minutes


Game of the Year Award Winner!

The Genius Square is an award-winning and well-made puzzle game you will become addicted to!

Race and level up your puzzle skills! Think fast to solve the challenges before your competitor reaches the highest level. Roll the dice, place the 7 blockers on the game board accordingly and complete the square using the 9 puzzle pieces before your competitor.

Finished first? Start the next game in a higher level and leave your competitor lagging!

Be the first to solve all 5 levels. Includes more than 60,000 puzzles divided over 5 difficulty levels, all having at least 1 possible solution. Test your speed and ingenuity with this unique and fun game for 1 or 2 players. 

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