Top Trumps: Marvel Super Villains

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Players: 2+ players
Age: 6+
Time: 10+ minutes


Discover 30 of the most fearsome and capable villains in comic-book history in this brand new edition of Marvel Super Villains Top Trumps.

Choose from classic adversaries of the Avengers, like Loki and Ultron, foes of Spider-Man like Doc Ock, Venom and Mysterio, the dimension-hopping Dormammu, the renegade Killmonger and the manipulative Enchantress, in your struggle for victory.

Pick between five categories including Chaos, Cunning and Strength as you fight it out to uncover who has the best stats, and which villain is the true Top Trump.

With custom bios bursting with facts, and official artwork on each card, this licensed game is ideal for Marvel fans, as well as lovers of the classic, competitive card game that is Top Trumps.

Just don’t go taking any inspiration from these nefarious schemers…

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