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This is a good engine builder that is quite engaging and has a great theme with highest quality components I've seen in a game. From beautiful players mats, the quality of the rule book, the artwork on the cards, the eggs and the bird feeder... This is a fun game that we enjoy playing. Well worth it!

Also worth buying all the expansions

Best selling game for a reason!

I love this game! Easy to set up, quick to play and the number of cards ensures that each game is different. Interesting mechanic as you have one less turn each round, which requires some advanced planning which adds to the game. The artwork is amazing, and the best thing is Stonemeier games are planning expansions for every continent, showcasing their birds!

Random idea for a game, but sometimes that's the best. Highly recommend this game!

Highly recommended

Wingspan is a great game. Every play is a little bit different and you are always pushed to make the most out of the turns you have left. The art is beautiful too!


Excellent game, and beautiful components

Probably our all time favourite game

We absolutely love Wingspan. It’s a beautiful game with lovely components which go well with the theme.
Plays well at 2 player and above, and is easy to get into for people of most ages. The game is more about your own board with only minimal player interaction which means others can’t sabotage you too much! Makes for a lovely really satisfying and generally very close game overall.
We can’t wait for the Australasian expansion as well - particularly as we love reading the bird facts on each card!