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Players: 2 - 5 players
Age: 4+
Time: 10 - 20 minutes


Yarrr! It's time to find some treasurrrrrrre!

Yarrr Har Hunt is a co-operative family game for players of all ages to play together. You are a band of pirates working together to follow the clues and reveal the buried treasures hidden around Shell Island.

At the start of the game, treasure chest cards are placed face-down beside the board with a series of secret clue cards on top. The first clue for each chest is revealed and an X-marks-the-spot token placed on the board at each clue's location.

On their turn, players draw a shell from a bag to determine how many spaces they can move. If a player lands on space marked with an X token, they collect that clue card. The next clue card in the hunt is revealed and the X token moved to the new clue's location. If a player collects the last clue in a hunt, they uncover the treasure chest and reveal the treasure inside. Players can also choose to give their movement shell to another player who may be closer to a clue or treasure.

If a player draws a ship shell, the pirate ship moves one space closer to shore. When it reaches the island, it's time to go- The hunt is over and any unfound treasure is lost.

Yarrr Har Hunt is designed to allow very young players with limited game experience to play side-by-side with older kids and adults. The surest path to success is for all players to share turns and work together to divide the finding of clues and treasure. A typical game lasts 15 minutes.


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