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Stephen Thomas
An excellent family game from 5-adults

Thanks Hobby Games for recommending this title, it was a hit with both my 5 year old daughter,
and 8 year old son. They both loved the co-operative game-play, the evolving rules helped ease
them into the game, and opening the reward envelopes and adding stickers to the rule book really upped
their excitement and desire to play again, and again...

Dave Vaughan
Great kid friendly point control game

My son picked this based on the artwork, I figured it'd be nothing like it and he'd hate it, but was actually pleasantly surprised.

Its very simple, easy to learn, and our son has shown us what utter scum he'll be if zombies ever break out.

It also seems like you have less of a chance to begin with, but it works, the idea is to get the zombies out of your school and lock the gates, which require 2 players to be there to do so, for each of four gates. Zombies can spawn anywhere in the school, and if the queue of zombies in waiting ever empties, and you have to spawn another, you all lose.

So a team game about teamwork and mob control, or as our son decided, its everyone for themselves and he's going to hide in the courtyard while laughing at his parents clearing out the school.

Very kid friendly, artwork is neat and zombies are cartoonishly safe.