The Importance of the Right Box

Did you know that we will ship your order out in one of 9 different packaging sizes?
Taste in games is not one size fits all, so neither are our packing boxes!

I recently got very excited (more than I thought I would) about the first delivery of our custom-sized boxes. While this does not excite everyone, I thought I would let you know our reasons and thoughts on box size.

Why do we have so many packaging sizes? Well, there are several reasons.

The first is to minimise the amount of packing material. To ensure that your game arrives to you looking great, we fill any empty space in a box with recyclable paper void-fill. While this is recyclable, we would rather minimise the amount that we use, which minimises the amount of space needed in your recycling bin! While we are talking about recycling, not only is our void-fill recyclable, but so is our paper packing tape, courier envelopes, and our Wrap-Pak (used in place of bubble wrap).

Then we also need to take into account resources. Not only does the right size box require less cardboard to produce, but it also takes up as little space in our friendly courier's van as possible. By having smaller packages we are taking less room, which means a higher item count per trip, and less fuel required. While we know we are not shipping 1000's of items a day, every little bit helps, and our systems are putting us on the right path for when we do!

And lastly, it helps with the speed of packing and delivery. We have all boxes in stock and ready to ship, which means we can pack your order as soon as you place it. We have the correct box to fit 99% of orders. We also have padded courier envelopes, and these are used for sleeves or smaller items. The advantage of envelopes is that they ship on an overnight service throughout New Zealand.

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