The Origins of The Loft
If you have been to our store you will notice that the play space is called "The Loft". We often get asked why, so we thought we would share some Hobby Games history 🙂

This picture is a throwback to this time 3 years ago, a time before we opened Hobby Games

We originally set up a games room in the loft above our garage as a place for us and friends to play more/bigger games. We soon found there were other local gamers in the Hobsonville community that were keen to play, so started hosting our local community games group. The first night was nerve-racking, as we were inviting "strangers" into our home. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made, we have met so many great friends through board gaming. The name came from setting up the Facebook invites, it asked for a location, so we entered it as "The Loft" and it stuck!

Gaming in The Loft started with about 7 players and we had to keep adding tables until we had over 20 regulars. With over 20 people playing every week The Loft was getting a bit crowded, and when a lack of table space meant people were playing on the floor, we decided that it was time to move to the local community rooms. We will always fondly remember our days of gaming in "The Loft".

Our library has grown considerably since this picture, at this stage it was about 50 games, the Hobby Games Library is now over 300 (and it keeps growing)!

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