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Players: 1 - 4 players
Age: 8+
Time: 15 - 20 minutes


With your team's careful guidance, the city and the countryside are expanding and converging. With everything growing at a breakneck pace, you are now tasked with managing the entire region!

A 6-card combo pack that allows you to combine Agropolis and Sprawlopolis.

Unlike the original rules for both standalone games, this variant eliminates the use of card-passing. Rather, players shuffle each game deck individually, flipping a single card from each to reveal 2 scoring conditions. Then, a 3rd card is drawn at random from the 6-card combo pack to reveal the 3rd and final scoring condition. A separate card from this pack is used as the starting tile, displaying 2 "blocks" from those terrains included in each game respectively.

On a player's turn, they draw 1 card from each game deck and must choose 1 to play and 1 to discard. In this way, both game decks with run out at the same rate. End game occurs after the last 2 cards are drawn and played/discarded.

Players score for the largest 2 block groups from each game, lose points for individual roads, and score/lose points according to the 3 scoring condition cards.

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