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The Lisboa of Roll n Writes

This is a great Roll n Write!
Perfect for Solo. There is not much player interaction, a bit solitaire-y for multiplayer - but really good just the same!
It is daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything just clicks and makes sense.

I love how the theme also flows through the game.
The worker placement aspect is done right - If you love the worker placement mechanism from Paladins then you will surely love this game.
Not much down time and a lot of replayability - with different end game options and worker combinations.

Worker placement strategy and you get to write... YES PLEASE

There is a lot to think about, or you can just focus on a few of those things, either way you will have a great time. I only got this game less than a month ago but have played it a fair few times considering it can be a little lengthy!
I love the cross out mechanic and that you have little meeples to depict your builders, civilians, slaves and soldiers. It is played alone or with friends, however it is a really relaxing game as you actually do a lot of the game play alone at the same time so none of this sitting around waiting business, you get in and get it done and then meet back at the end of the round to see if you have let the picts through your wall!
I love this game.