Hanabi: Master Artisan Expansion

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Players: 2 - 5
Age: 8+
Time: 25 minutes


Hanabi Master Artisan Expansion adds six bonus tokens to the Hanabi card game. Shuffle these tokens face down, then place them near the clue tokens. Instead of flipping a clue token when correctly playing the fifth card of a color, flip a bonus token instead and carry out the special action. The action must be carried out immediately. These actions allow the fireworks master (i.e., the oldest player in the game per the ABACUSSPIELE rules) to:

  • Flip a clue token already used (as in the base game) [×2].
  • Choose a card from the discard pile and shuffle it back into the draw pile [×2].
  • Choose another player and tell her the color AND value of a card in her hand (does not require use of a clue token).
  • Flip up to two unused thunderstorm/fuse tokens to flip an equal number of used clue tokens.

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