Sheep In Disguise

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Players: 2 - 6 players
Age: 10+
Time: 20-45 minutes


Sheep in Disguise is a vibrant and strategic card game about protecting adorably-helpless Sheep from being devoured by the many outrageous and dangerous predators of the world. Collect Flocks of Sheep, keep them safe from Attacks, and use Action cards to destroy anyone that gets in your way!

Players take turns drawing cards to collect matching sets of disguised Sheep and a variety of powerful Action cards. When a player has collected 3 Sheep of a kind, they must be placed face up on the table immediately. This set of 3 Sheep is called a Flock. In a 4 player game, the first person to collect 4 unique Flocks is the winner.

On their turn, a player may use as many Action cards as they like by playing them to the Discard. They may also make one trade with the Field per turn. The Field is a constantly changing group of cards in the middle of the table that players can exchange cards with to help them build a strong hand. The Field guarantees that the game isn’t completely luck of the draw and allows the player to strategize and build combo moves in order to progress their game.

Players can also target an opponent's Flock by placing an Expose card on top of it. This Action exposes the Flock's disguise, leaving them vulnerable to an Attack! Players must choose to take the risk of leaving their Flock exposed or pay to remove the Expose card, ensuring the Flock's identity remains a secret. When an Attack card is drawn, all Exposed Flocks are destroyed!

Be strategic and be devious. If you play your cards right, you can turn the Attack card into an extremely powerful tool to help you get ahead... otherwise, you may end up as the victim.

If you find yourself falling behind, don't worry! All players are in it until the very end and one big move is all it takes to flip the whole game on its head!

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